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Our common start time to digital converter

A classic common-start TDC featuring 4 stop channels with a bin size of 13ps.
High precision

High precision

The occurring cycle-to-cycle jitter of the xTDC4-PCIe is much lower than the bin size of 13ps. Therefore you can expect an RMS error below 7ps for your measurements.


The threshold discriminators can handle positive and negative threshold settings with configurable level. This allows you to use the xTDC4-PCIe with a wide range of detectors or constant fraction discriminators (CFD).
TiGer timing generator

TiGer timing generator

All inputs can also be used to output periodic pulse patterns for controlling external devices. The exact timing of the generated pulses is measured by the TDC.

The xTDC4-PCIe is based on a classic common-start architecture yielding high data throughput. In a common-start scenario, the arrival-times of pulses on the "stop"-inputs are measured relative to a signal on the "start"-input. The xTDC4-PCIe is ideally suited for a multitude of time-of-flight applications such as TOF mass spectrometery (TOF-MS), time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and LIDAR.

The xTDC4-PCIe's four stop channels allow, for example, to use segmented detectors or measure pulses from a single detector channel at multiple thresholds to obtain rudimentary pulse height-information. Such features are benefitial in many TOF-MS applications and LIDAR light detection and ranging. Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopes (FLIM) benefit strongly from the high timing resolution of the xTDC4-PCIe.

The integrate of a xTDC4-PCIe in applications your data acquisition application is easy! The board provides a stream simple data structures as a ring buffer, containing a list of relative time stamps for all stop events.


- Data

Optimized for
common start
4 @13 ps
5x LEMO 00
13 ps
4 ns
parameter dependent
48 MHits/s
218 µs default, 14 ms extended
yes / no
PCIe x1
50 ppb on board
TDC channels @ bin size
Additional inputs
Bin size
Double pulse resolution
Dead time between groups
Readout rate
Common start/stop
Number of boards that can be synced
Readout interface
Time base
low cost
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Product Brief xTDC4 & Time Tagger
User Manual xTDC4 & Time Tagger
xTDC4 driver v1.2.0.exe for Windows XP/7/8
xTDC4 driver v1.4.1.exe for Windows 10