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What exactly is the function of the TiGer (timing generator)?

cronologic answer:

To use inputs to output arbitrary periodic pulse patterns for controlling your setup, you can write your own software that allows exact measurement of the timing of these patterns with the TDC. The TiGer can be used to measure exact timing differences between the generated output signals and various input signals on other channels. This is useful for a variety of applications.

The TiGer functionality can be configured independently for each port. Each TiGer may connect its output to the corresponding LEMO port. This turns the port into an output. The TiGer is DC-coupled to the connector. Connected hardware must not pass signals to the ports used as outputs, as this could damage both the TDC and the external hardware.

For this purpose, each digital LEMO-00 input can be used as an AC-coupled trigger output, whereby the TiGer functionality can be configured independently for each connection. This converts the relevant connection into an output. A bidirectional mode allows this output to be used consistently as a measurement channel if required. Unipolar or bipolar pulses may be used.