Here you get support for using cronologic products with Linux.

Linux support is available for all cards except HPTDC8-PCI.

We provide an open source kernel module as a DKMS package, that can be installed on all modern linux distributions.
It is used by all cards and it is available as on github.

The card specific user mode drivers are available precompiled for x86_64 in card specific github projects, the links are available in the card page. The drivers are compiled with an old glibc version and should be compatible with current distributions. If you have a problem with the provided drivers, please fill out the following information.

Please tell us about your application, the driver requirements regarding your Linux distribution and kernel version. In the event that you do not know the configuration of the computer in question, you could run the following command line in your terminal:

uname -a
The output line shows you the architecture, the distribution and the name of the Linux kernel. You are also welcome to copy & paste the entire line into the corresponding text fields below.
Please note that only kernel versions from 5.0 (March 2019) are supported.
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