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Low cost, mid resolution time-to-digital converter

If a resolution of 500ps is insufficient, the TimeTagger4G can replace our high end TDCs at a lower cost.
Low cost

Low cost

The TimeTagger4 is available at the lowest cost, while still providing picosecond resolution.


The threshold discriminators can use positive or negative threshold with configurable voltage. This allows you to use the xTDC with a wide range of detectors or constant fraction discriminators (CFD).
TiGer timing generator

TiGer timing generator

All inputs can also be used to output periodic pulse patterns to control your setup. The exact timing of these is measured by the TDC.

Cronologic presents an exiting series of low cost, mid resolution time-to-digital converters. The boards feature 500ps to 1ns single shot resolution at a high readout bandwidth.

Time Taggers are ideally suitable in applications that do not require highest single shot timing resolution, but high data acquisition rates and lowest multiple hit deadtime. These include certain types of mass spectroscopy (TOF-MS), time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and frequency counting applications.

The TimeTagger4-1G features a bin size of 1 ns. The TimeTagger4-2G provides a bin size of 500 ps.


- Data

Optimized for
low cost
4 @500 ps
5x LEMO 00
500 ps
1 ns
1000x per start event
48 MHits/s
8 ms, 2.147 s extended
yes / no
PCIe x1
50 ppb on board
TDC channels @ bin size
Additional inputs
Bin size
Double pulse resolution
Dead time between groups
Readout rate
Common start/stop
Number of boards that can be synced
Readout interface
Time base
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TimeTagger4-2G & TimeTagger4-1G Product Brief
TimeTagger4-2G & TimeTagger4-1G User Guide
TimeTagger4 driver_v1.2.0.exe for Windows XP/7/8
TimeTagger4 driver_v1.4.1.exe for Windows 10