7 advantages of time-correlated single photon counting

Time-correlated single photon counting is becoming more and more popular in science, not least thanks to advances in quantum research and research into expanding fiber optic technology. Regardless of this, the measurement method is now an integral part of biological, clinical, and medical research. As a result, researchers and students are increasingly using the boards from cronologic and benefit from the excellent price-performance ratio of our TDCs.

Perhaps you would like to get to know the seven most important advantages of TCSPC, common detectors and a typical measurement setup. Or maybe you would like to know why classic TCSPC devices that still work without TDC are almost obsolete? Then you are definitely interested in our article on this application.

This text was updated on: 
September 1, 2023
author: Uwe Thomaschky
Uwe Thomaschky
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