Multi-Carrier Reflectometry

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Multi-Carrier Reflectometry (MCR) is a technique used to measure the reflectance of a surface or material respectively transmission lines.

It works by sending a multi-carrier signal and measuring the reflection that is returned. Such a type of digital signal is composed of several individual carrier signals that are transmitted simultaneously on different frequency bands. The carriers are modulated with data and combined to form the multi-carrier signal, which can then be transmitted. One of the main benefits of multi-carrier signals is that they can support high data rates and can be more resistant to interference and noise than single-carrier signals.

The reflection can be used to determine the properties of the surface respectively material, such as its reflectivity, roughness, and dielectric constant. MCR is used in a variety of applications, including material characterization, quality control, and surface analysis. It is a useful tool for understanding the physical properties of surfaces respectively materials and can provide detailed information about their characteristics.