xTDC4-PCIe redesign

We redesigned our xTDC4-PCIe. And our customers benefit from this as well, because this not only enables us to maintain our sales price in the face of increased prices for the components used.

In addition, thanks to this redesign, we were able to shorten our supply chains and thus optimize the availability of goods.

Insiders know that we have always accessed the same hardware pool for our xTDC4 PCIe and our TimeTaggers. This will still be the case, although we are now reverting to a compact stacked PCB design that allows for greater modularity. In the future, this will make it easier to integrate or replace different functions or components without changing the entire design. In the area of custom developments, we can thus respond more individually and significantly faster to customer requirements.

Thanks to the redesign, we extended the range of our TimeTaggers to up to 100ps resolution while achieving an optimal ratio of performance in terms of time resolution and price.

This text was updated on: 
September 1, 2023
author: Uwe Thomaschky
Uwe Thomaschky
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