Our new team member Max

We are excited to introduce you to our newest addition to the team. Max is the man when it comes to atomic and molecular physics and has already been able to let off steam in the world of ultrafast electronics. His inspiring career has familiarized him with the smallest building blocks of matter and at the same time awakened a passion for high-precision experiments.

Max has studied light-atom reactions in his almost-table-top experiments. He literally played billiards with photons and electrons - at a quantum level. He was particularly interested in Compton scattering, a process that is of crucial importance for the interaction of light and matter, especially in X-rays. In his project, Max has managed to dynamically observe the entire Compton reaction of a single photon on an electron bound in helium. His team precisely measured the momentum of all participants, i.e. the photon, the electron, and the helium ion, after a Compton reaction. In order to carry out these experiments, Max was able to collaborate with various institutes in France and Germany. This not only turned science into a real adventure for him but also led him directly into the world of measurement electronics. And now he's our go-to expert when it comes to helping our customers process their data at warp speed.

But Max isn't just a science nerd - he rocks in his spare time too. He's a constant collector and listener of music, knows his way around an electric bass, and when he's not making music, you can find him playing board games, cards, or gaming in front of the console. He also enjoys unleashing his creativity in the kitchen.

At cronologic, Max will play a key role in various areas, including the documentation of our products, the development of application examples for cronologic products and comprehensive customer support for all application-related questions.

After the first weeks of working together, we are already confident that Max, with his knowledge, love of tech, and wide range of interests, is the perfect fit for our team. We are proud to have Max on our team and are looking forward to the exciting projects he will implement with us.

Welcome on board, Max!

This text was updated on: 
December 13, 2023
author: Uwe Thomaschky
Uwe Thomaschky
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