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As our company continues to grow, new opportunities and challenges constantly emerge. To further expand alongside our customers, we are hiring an:

Applications Engineer - Time of Flight Measurements

Our customers employ our picosecond time-to-digital converters to develop Time-of-Flight mass spectrometers, LIDAR systems, time-correlated single photon counting devices, and many other cutting-edge high-end applications. We need your expertise to ensure their success. You will serve as the liaison between our customers and our team, explaining customer applications to us and our products to the customers.

As an Applications Engineer, you may be responsible for:

• Facilitating communication between customer scientists and the developers and engineers at cronologic
• Developing open-source example code for our products in various programming languages
• Constructing proof-of-concept setups to demonstrate optimal measurement results
• Authoring white papers detailing the application of our products in specific use cases
• Generating comprehensive documentation for our products
• Programming internal software applications in C# and C++ for use in Cronologic's production and development processes

The ideal candidate will possess experience in high-speed data acquisition for time-of-flight measurements, photon counting, or other pulse processing applications, either in research or industry settings.

Additionally, you must have a background in scientific or technical writing. A well-written master's thesis may be sufficient to demonstrate your skills. Strong written and verbal communication abilities in both English and German are essential.

You should have experience with C++ or C# software development and feel confident in performing simple tasks in unfamiliar programming languages.

Potential candidates for this role may come from diverse backgrounds, including:

• A Ph.D. or Master's degree in atomic or nuclear physics, with experience in data acquisition for single particle counting
• An electrical engineer involved in the development of the electronic components of TOF-MS, LIDAR, PET, RADAR, QKD, or FLIM systems
• An engineer engaged in the development of time-to-digital converters, digitizers, or other aspects of frontends for rapid electrical pulse processing

At Cronologic, we strive for excellence while fostering a fun team environment and maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all team members. We offer flexible contracts ranging from 24 to 40 hours per week and support remote work when appropriate.

Please include examples of your writing and your CV with your application.

For your application please use the form on our jobs webpage. Alternatively you may send a e-mail to

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September 1, 2023
author: Uwe Thomaschky
Uwe Thomaschky
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